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WB ARA 2010


Files available for download Publications/Risk_Analysis/WB_ARA_2010.pdf (666.8 KB) This  first  annual  risk  analysis  (WB-ARA)  has  been  developed  jointly  in  accordance with the Frontex May 2009 proposal to establish a permanent Western  Balkan  Risk  Analysis  Network  (WB-RAN)  between  the  Risk  Analysis  Units  of  the  competent  border-control  authorities  of  Albania,  Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH),  Croatia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and ...

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WB ARA 2011


Files available for download Publications/Risk_Analysis/WB_ARA_2011.pdf (2.6 MB) When compared to 2009, the overall situation at the common borders between Western Balkan countries and their EU neighbours did not change dramatically in 2010. The only important change is linked with the visa liberalisation process for Western Balkan countries that has led to a sharp rise in asylum abuse throughout the EU and put the region in the spot light again. Consequently, this development is described in ...

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EaP-ARA 2017


Files available for download EaP-ARA 2017 (2.3 MB) The unprecedented migration crisis of recent years has mostly affected the Eastern and Central Mediterranean migratory routes to the EU. However, in 2015 and early 2016, a partial shift of the migration flow to the northernmost section of the EU’s eastern border was observed, when a few thousand migrants reached the EU / Schengen area on the so-called Northern (or Arctic) route. The situation at the eastern borders returned to normal later in ...

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WB ARA 2018


Files available for download WB ARA (4.8 MB) The migration flow continued to decrease remaininglargely under control; coordination and cooperation remain crucial An array of response measures, ranging from coordinated enhancement of border-controls by the most affected countries to policy actions supported by the EU, introduced at the end of 2015 and maintained throughout 2016 and 2017, contributed to a marked reduction in the volume of the non-regional[1] migration flow observed in the Western ...

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WB ARA 2017


Files available for download WB ARA 2017 (6.8 MB) Bringing the unprecedented migration flow back under control / coordination and cooperation remain crucial An array of response measures, ranging from coordinated enhancement of border-controls by the most affected countries to policy actions supported by the EU, contributed to a marked reduction in the volume of the non-regional1 migratory flow transiting the Eastern Mediterranean and subsequently the Western Balkans. Overall, on the Western ...

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ARA 2011


Files available for download Publications/Risk_Analysis/Annual_Risk_Analysis_2011.pdf (14.8 MB) Irregular migration represents a small proportion of the total movement of persons across the borders, three quarters of which are EU nationals. Over 100 nationalities require a visa to enter the EU, accounting for more than 80% of the non-EU population, while about 1 billion nationals from 37 countries do not require a visa. As yet, there are no precise statistics available on passenger flows for ...

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ARA 2013


Files available for download Publications/Risk_Analysis/Annual_Risk_Analysis_2013.pdf (3.8 MB) Detections of illegal border-crossing along the EU’s external borders dropped sharply in 2012 to about 73 000, i.e. half the number reported in 2011. This was the first time since systematic data collection began in 2008 that annual detections have plunged under 100 000. In the Central Mediterranean area, the large number of detections in 2011, which suddenly increased following the Arab Spring in ...

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ARA 2017


Files available for download Publications/Risk_Analysis/Annual_Risk_Analysis_2017.pdf (13.5 MB) In 2016, a drop in detections reported at the external borders with Turkey and Western Balkan countries led to an over­ all decrease in detections of illegal bor­der-­crossing at EU level. However, with over half a million detections (511 371), the figure is still significantly higher than any yearly total between 2010 (104 060) and 2014 (282 933). This means that the pressure on the external ...

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ARA 2016


Files available for download Publications/Risk_Analysis/Annula_Risk_Analysis_2016.pdf (14.9 MB) In 2015, Member States reported more than 1 820 000 detections of illegal bor­der-­crossing along the external borders. This never­-before-seen figure was more than six times the number of detections reported in 2014, which was itself an un­precedented year, with record monthly averages observed since April 2014. The year 2015 began with extremely high levels for the month of January (over 20 000 ...

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ARA 2012


Files available for download Publications/Risk_Analysis/Annual_Risk_Analysis_2012.pdf (2.3 MB) The detections of illegal border-crossing along the external borders of EU Member States rose sharply from approximately 104 000 in 2009 and 2010 to nearly 141 000 in 2011 (+35%). The migrants crossing the borders illegally mainly came from Tunisia (20%), Afghanistan (16%) and Pakistan (11%). This increase is mostly due to the fact that more than 64 000 detections were reported in the Central ...

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