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Management Board conclusions from the extraordinary MB meeting of 28-29 April 2022


In view of the European Anti-Fraud Office’s (OLAF) investigations against three staff members of Frontex including the Agency’s Executive Director, the Frontex Management Board met on 28 and 29 April 2022 for an extraordinary meeting in order to decide on the next steps. At this meeting, the Executive Director was given the opportunity to comment on the findings contained in the OLAF report. On the first day of the meeting, he declared his resignation from all his functions with immediate effect and his intention to terminate his employment in the Agency. The Management Board took note of his intentions and concluded that the employment has therefore come to an end. In view of the Executive Director’s resignation, the Management Board decided that launching further proceedings against the Executive Director in connection with the OLAF report of 15 February 2022 is not necessary anymore, since the outcome of these proceedings will no longer affect the position of the Executive Director.

To maintain the Agency’s ability to act, the Management Board agreed that in line with the applicable rules of procedure, Ms Aija Kalnaja as the most senior Deputy Executive Director will deputise for the vacant Executive Director function and assume the lead of the Agency with immediate effect. The Management Board is of the opinion that the period of deputising should be limited and that an Executive Director ad interim should be appointed as soon as possible, and in any case at the latest at the Management Board meeting in June 2022.

To that end, the Management Board asked the European Commission to launch the necessary legal steps to allow for such an appointment. Furthermore, the Management Board asked the European Commission to prepare urgently the publication of the post of the Frontex Executive Director and launch the selection procedure and to continuously report on this to the Management Board.

The Management Board will also take the next steps provided by law with regard to the other two staff members referred to in the OLAF report.

The Management Board clearly states that effective border control and the protection of fundamental rights are fully compatible. The mandate of the Agency is clearly set out in the EBCG Regulation.

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