EBCGT Training

European Border and Coast Guard Teams (EBCGT) are border guards who, when needed, receive specialised profile training prior to their deployment for Frontex Joint Operations, Pilot Projects or Rapid border interventions. The courses are highly interactive and enable trainees to gain practical experience of applying best practice techniques and a proper professional behaviour. During the training, each participant conducts several role-plays that cover examples specific to the respective profile.

Profile Training for Debriefing Experts

During this specialised training, participants learn how to debrief migrants in a way which enables the systematic extraction of information for intelligence purposes from migrants willing to cooperate. Participants learn how to prepare for an interview, how to select an interviewee and gain his/her trust. Understanding of cognitive interviewing techniques and psychological aspects is essential. As debrief interviews are considered among the most challenging interviews, which includes both the facts and the emotional responses.

Profile Training for Screening Experts

This training is focused on assumption of nationality and identity of undocumented migrants. The covered topics include the tasks of a Frontex screening expert, via different ways of assumption of nationality and identity, screener's booklets and work with interpreter. Participants also learn how to identify vulnerable persons during a screening interview.

Profile Training for Second-Line Interview Experts

This training is focused on interviewing as a major fact-finding method. It equips participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to interview persons crossing all types of EU borders and to conduct fair, objective, best practice interviews. Officers learn how to conduct a structured and comprehensive interview, using effective questioning and probing techniques. They also gain the necessary psychological background and achieve an awareness of how psychological biases and filters can influence perception of others.

Profile Training for Second-Line Airport Officers

This training enables participants to effectively fulfil the role of second-line airport officers. It provides the opportunity for officers to gain, update and demonstrate acquired skills and knowledge and to increase their motivation to perform complex tasks while deployed to joint operation and also in their daily duties.

Profile Training for Land Border Surveillance Officers / Maritime Border Surveillance Officers

The central aim of this training is to provide the learners with the skills needed to be able to react effectively and lawfully in different typical border-related scenarios and to tackle organised crime.

Profile Training for Advanced Level Documents Officers

This training is targeted at border guards or officers of a national authority with experience in carrying out thorough examination of all kinds of border-related documents and providing support to frontline officers.

Support for EBGT Operational Briefings

These activities aim at supporting harmonisation and enhancing quality of operational briefings carried out in connection to deployment.

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