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Joint Operation Triton (Italy)


The Central Mediterranean is the most affected by migratory flows. While the primary focus of Operation Triton, which was launched Frontex launched in November 2014, is border control and surveillance, search and rescue remains a priority for the agency. Since the beginning of the operation, Frontex vessels and aircrafts have on regularly been redirected by the Italian Coast Guard to assist migrants in distress. The operational focus of Triton has expanded to include other forms of cross border ...

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Enlarged Triton helping rescue migrants


More than 5 500 migrants have been rescued near the Libyan coast since Thursday, 30 April. Some 1 200 lives were saved with the direct participation of vessels and aircraft taking part in the Frontex-coordinated Triton operation, including newly deployed assets from EU Member States.“I am proud to say that all of the vessels participating in Triton took an active part in the rescue operations over the last several days, helping to save thousands of lives. These already included assets ...

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Operation Triton


This short animation explains how the Frontex coordinated Operation Triton works. It provides information on the number of vessels, aircraft and helicopters deployed, the operational area as well as the number of countries which take part in it. The video clarifies the responsibility of the individual European countries both over border control and Search and Rescue. It also tells what happens from the moment a boat with migrants is detected, through the disembarkation in Italy, identification ...

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Joint Operation Triton extended to the end of 2015


Frontex has extended Joint Operation Triton in the Central Mediterranean until the end of 2015 to continue supporting Italy at its maritime borders and help save the lives of migrants stranded at sea. “All vessels and aircraft taking part in operation Triton actively contribute to the detection and rescue of people in distress and will now continue to do so for the rest of this year,” said Frontex Executive Director Fabrice Leggeri. Since the launch of Joint Operation Triton on 1 November 2014, ...

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More than 5000 migrants saved since Friday - Triton assets fully involved


Copyrights: Belgian Navy Since Friday, 29 May more than 5000 migrants were saved in the Central Mediterranean.  British, Maltese, Belgian and Italian vessels and Icelandic and Finnish planes deployed in EU operation Triton coordinated by Frontex were fully engaged in this rescue effort.“This is the biggest wave of migrants we have seen in 2015”, said Frontex Executive Director Fabrice Leggeri. “The new vessels that joined operation Triton this week have already saved hundreds of people”, he ...

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Operation Triton – winter developments


Winter used to bring some respite for those agencies responsible for controlling Europe’s long Mediterranean borders. For each of the last ten years, irregular migration has slowed or even stopped in the run-up to Christmas, with the people smugglers largely confined to port by the rough seas. Not any more, it seems. Since the launch on November 1st of Operation Triton, the Frontex-coordinated mission in the central Mediterranean, some 11,400 migrants have been rescued, about 10,000 of them in ...

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Frontex and Italy hold first meeting of working group on operation Triton


Today Frontex, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, and Italian authorities held the first meeting of a working group that aims to identify what needs to be revised in the operational concept of Operation Triton. This was caused by the extraordinary migratory situation along the Central Mediterranean route. The gathering, which was a follow-up to a meeting that took place on 11 July, was held at the agency’s headquarters in Warsaw in a constructive atmosphere. The Italian delegation and ...

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EU Member States and Frontex show support for Italy at meeting to discuss Operation Triton


Today, Frontex Executive Director Fabrice Leggeri, at the request of Italian authorities, held a meeting with representatives of Italy and EU Member States participating in agency’s operation Triton in the Central Mediterranean. The Executive Director of Frontex, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, called on the Member States to stand by their pledges to reinforce operation Triton.All participants recognised that Italy is facing extraordinary pressure and needs additional support from ...

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Assets deployed in operation Triton involved in saving 3,000 migrants since Friday


Since Friday, February 13, most of the vessels and planes deployed in joint operation Triton have been taking part in the rescue efforts that so far have helped save more than 3,000 migrants who departed from Libya.The Italian Maritime Rescue Coordination Center, responsible for coordination of search and rescue (SAR), directed Frontex-coordinated boats and aircraft to assist in more than 20 separate incidents this weekend. While more than 2000 rescued migrants have already been disembarked in ...

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More technical support needed for Operation Triton


Frontex has received offers of technical equipment and border guards from 15 EU Member States.The agency foresees a monthly deployment of two ocean patrol vessels, two coastal patrol vessels, two coastal patrol boats, two aircrafts and a helicopter.”Considering the vast operational area, aerial surveillance will play a key role allowing for early detection” said the Executive Director of Frontex Gil Arias Fernandez. Frontex will operate under the command and control of the Italian authorities ...

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