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Cyprus: Police

Cyprus Police was established in 1960 and its duties and responsibilities include the maintenance of law and order, prevention and detection of crime, apprehension and presentation of offenders before Justice. As regards the surveillance and maintenance of the security of borders against illegal immigration, the Aliens and Immigration, Port and Marine Police and Air Aviation Police Units with the cooperation of Cyprus Police Academy, are entrusted with the: effective control of aliens at entry/exit points, surveillance of the coast and territorial limits of the Republic, provision of relevant training to police officers, prevention of illegal immigration to the territory of the Republic, combating of illegal immigration flow to Cyprus and to other member states of the EU.


Czech Republic: Služba cizinecké a pohraniční policie

The Alien Police Service is an inseparable part of PCR; Service with a field of activity for the whole Czech Republic; carries out the tasks according to the Act on Police of the Czech Republic. Is specialized unit of PCR. Particularly carries out these tasks: Entry and residence permit of aliens, Residence controls, To impose a repressive measures to the aliens, Combating illegal migration, Illegal employment, Participation on investigation of crime activities (committed in connection with cross the state border and cross – border crime), Fulfilling of obligations aiming from international agreements, Cooperation with other PCR services and authorized bodies of other state administrations. Directorate of Alien Police Service ensures management, provision of conception, methodology and control towards the Regional Directorates of Alien Police Service.

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