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Boat carrying 13 tonnes of drugs intercepted as part of Operation Triton


Italian Guardia di Finanza vessels taking part in the Frontex-coordinated Operation Triton intercepted a cargo ship Munzur carrying 13 tonnes of hashish north of Italy’s Pantelleria Island on Wednesday. The 80-metre cargo ship, which was flying a Panamanian flag, was being monitored by Italian authorities with the support of the Eurosur Fusion Services provided by Frontex.

During an inspection, Guardia di Finanza officers found some 500 packages of hashish aboard Munzur with a combined weight of some 13 tonnes. The boat was taken to the Italian port of Palermo.

Both vessels taking part in the operation were co-financed by Frontex.

So far this year, more than 100 tonnes of drugs were seized during Frontex-coordinated maritime operations.

Tracking data collected by Frontex also helped the Italian authorities to keep track of Munzur’s location.

The Eurosur Fusion Services use optical and radar satellite technology to help locate vessels suspected of being engaged in cross border crime.

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